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Meet The Team

Diane and Adam Loong

Owners and Directors

Di and Adam, the owners of Molly Morgan Vineyard, bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a genuine passion for wine to their latest venture. Building on their foundational experiences, Di in the corporate HR world  and Adam as a fighter pilot for the RAAF, together in 2012 they founded Skildare, a successful Human Resources consultancy. Eight years later they founded, Skildare Defence, a niche consulting company servicing the Australian Defence Industry.

As newly founded empty nesters, and in search of their next challenge, they discovered the beautiful Molly Morgan Vineyard. Their deep-seated love for wine and hospitality means they’re dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. From meticulously curated wine to luxurious accommodations, Di and Adam strive to ensure every guest leaves with a smile. For them, sharing their passion with others makes their journey with Molly Morgan Vineyard truly fulfilling.

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Transport your senses to Italy
with a four-course feast perfectly paired with Molly Morgan Wines.

29 August 2024 | 6pm to 9pm 
Napoli Centrale, Newcastle.